Customised motors

MACCON offers a wide range of electric motors. These products or slightly modified versions thereof allow the implementation of many standard or unusual applications. 

However it is very common that the customer requires products from us, which are not otherwise available from the marketplace. Typically we are asked for special characteristics, such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Improved performance
  • Supply conditions
  • Special environmental conformance
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Integration of several components in a new configuration or product
  • Additional functionality
  • Higher reliability or redundancy

For such cases, we offer customised motors, also called bespoke motors or project-specific motors. The most important custom motor categories are:

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Typical applications for our custom motors

Our custom motors are used for a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Electro-mechanical actuators
  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Automobile and energy
  • Defense
  • Machines and processes
  • Motors
  • Science and astronomy

Lightweight motors for aviation applications

In aviation applications, the weight of the motor is critical. MACCON has specialised in designing lightweight motors for such cases. One typical example: a frameless motor weighing about 4.5kg produces a shaft power of about 13kW, running at about 3,500rpm and producing about 35Nm of torque. This particular motor takes advantage of forced-air cooling to maximise the power density of the motor. The motor reaches an efficiency (mechanical power divided by electrical power) of about 95%.

Please contact us, to discuss your specification with an experienced motor design engineer!