One of the most powerful multi-axis servo controller technologies for centralised machine control is the PMAC / UMAC family of our partner Delta Tau.  All motion-related tasks like axis coordination (interpolation), calculation of the motion profile and the position control itself are performed by a dedicated motion control processor.

The key features are as follows:

  • PMAC: PC based (PCI bus) multi axis servocontroller with +/-10V or PWM commands to the axis
  • UMAC: rack based multi axis servocontroller with highest flexibility, several PCB boards with different functionality can be put together into one rack; optional multi axis CNC!

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An intermediate product to the single axis controllers with integrated power stage are the new GeoBrick Drives of Delta Tau. They combine the full functionality of the Turbo PMAC2 controllers with a power stage for up to 8 axis into one housing. The input voltage ranges from 97 to 265Vac or 12 to 320Vdc at motor currents of 5 to 15Arms continuous.

The latest version is the low voltage amplifier GeoBrick-LV. The special thing about this amplifier is the 4-phase power bridge which can not only drive 3-phase servo motors but also 2-phase steppers and mixed configurations.