SWM Features:

  • amplifier in rugged housing for DC- and BL-servo motors
  • various voltage ranges: 12 to 60Vdc, 12 to 350Vdc or 12-60Vdc
  • low voltage version with phase current up to 100Arms pk.
  • +/-10V analog interface for torque or speed control
  • compact, enclosed housing with Sub-D connectors
  • high-bandwidth analog speed and current control
  • high-efficiency PWM (20/40kHz) with parallel modulation
  • up to 24kW continuous power
  • sine-ware or block commutation using hall-effect, resolver or encoder feedback
  • velocity feedback via DC-tach, resolver, encoder or hall-effect devices
  • Standard feedback (-R): hall-effects, digital encoder and resolver, optional (-E): sine-encoder, absolute encoders (EnDat/Hiperface)
  • industrial (-CT), extended (-ET) temperature versions
  • parameter monitoring and configuration from a PC via the RS232-interface  -> no potentiometer, no switches

This controller is now obsolescent and is only available for existing applications.
For new applications we advise the use of the SWM7!

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