Embedded motion

What do we mean by embedded motion ? In essence, it's a technical approach to building machines which are less expensive, more mechanically efficient, smaller and even use less electrical power.

Think about it like this: if you need to drive a shaft inside your machine which has its own bearings and housing, why use a housed motor, which in turn has its own bearings, own shaft, own housing ? It makes more sense to use a framless motor (a.k.a. "kit motor"). The rotor drives the machine's shaft directly. There is no unnecessary coupling between a motor shaft and the driven shaft. The stator is attached directly to the machine's own housing. In doing this we save cost, weight and space. Not only that, we improve the mechanical qualities of the machine by eliminating the coupling normally required to connect the motor shaft to the driven shaft. Electrical power consumption is reduced, as the motor only has to overcome the friction of the machine's own bearings. All of these arguments apply to either rotary or linear motors (see images on the right hand side). As well as the motors, linear or rotary encoders can also be supplied in kit-from, for direct integration into the customer's machine. Last but not least, the drive electronics can also be installed inside the machine.

The economic benefits of embedded motion can be summarised as follows:

  • Lower material cost (save two bearings, one shaft, one coupling and one motor housing).
  • Motor takes up less space and weighs less.
  • The machine shaft is shorter and no longer comprises two parts. It is stiffer and has less inertia. This makes the machine more dynamic and eliminates unwanted resonance frequencies.
  • The motor's drive electronics and the machine's control electronics can be integrated onto the same circuit board.
  • By integrating the electronics into the machine, cable lengths can be made shorter and connectors can be eliminated. All of this saves cost, and, improves EMI/EMC characteristics.
  • Some machines with special geometrical and weight requirements simply could not be built without applying the principles of embedded motion.
  • Costs are also reduced by eliminating unnecessary installation steps.

Please contact us to discuss your embedded motion project. We provide kit motors, encoders and drive electronics along with our 33 years of engineering expertise to help you get the economic and technical solution you are looking for.

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