Research & Development

MACCON is an important partner of industry and of many Universities and research institutes, when special applications for Motion Control are demanded or Motion Control technologies themselves are to be improved.

We supply both fast and precise motor and positioning systems for research applications, including systems with many axes etc.

We are also involved in many research projects at national and European leave, current examples:

  • ADEPT: Advanced Electric Powertrain Technology
  • AktiWa: Aktive Walzenregelung.
    Active Damping of high-speed Printing-rollers
  • E-SEMA: Electric Smart Electro-Mechanical Actuator for gas turbine engines
  • Mate: Magnetfreie Traktionsmotoren für die Elektromobilität
    (Traction motors for E-Mobility, without magnets)
  • PitchER: Magnetloser Pitch-Antrieb in Windenergieanlagen durch den Einsatz elektrischer Transversalfluss-Reluktanzmaschinen
    Pitch Drives for wind-energy plants, based on tranversal-flux machines without magnets
  • SKLEWU (Komrol): Skalierbare SiC Leistungselektronik für Wandler und Umrichter.
    Scalebale SiC Power Electronics for Converters and Inverters
  • Transinno: Innovativer Linearmotor hoher Kraftdichte mit passivem Stator auf Basis der Transversaltechnologie

We are also a R&D partner of the early development departments of the German automobile industry.

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