Traction motors

MACCON designs and manufacture traction motors in the power range of 3 to 120kW. These motors can be operated from supply voltages between 24 and 600Vdc, depending on the available power source and output power requirement. The motors are high-speed BLDC, IPM brushless designs with embedded, interior-magnet rotors, which allow for field weakening over a range of 1:3. The stators can be supplied with water-cooling jackets in order to increase the continuous power rating. Typically these motors are integrated into customized mechanical housings together with a single-stage planetary gearbox with a reduction ratio in the range of 3:1 to 7:1.
Alternatively we can supply direct-drive outer rotor, rim-wheel designs, up to 15kW.

For certain applications (e.g. construction maschines) our SR-Technolgy is also well suited.

We also supply the In-Wheel hub motors of our manufacturing partner Printed Motor Works.