MACCON places great emphasis on customer service and offers a wide range of technical services related to our products. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our customers, ranging from configuration and parameterization to system commissioning and maintenance.

Our experienced technicians assist you in configuring the products according to your specific requirements. They work closely with you to ensure that the products are optimally adjusted and tailored to your system. Additionally, we also handle the assembly and load-free commissioning of systems to ensure smooth operation and desired performance.

Another focus of our technical services is motor design. Our experts help you select the right motor for your application, taking into account factors such as power, torque, speed, and environmental conditions, to ensure that the motor perfectly meets your requirements.

Furthermore, we offer services for the manufacturing and functional testing of prototype motors. Our professionals support you in the development and production of prototypes to ensure they meet the desired specifications and deliver reliable performance.

Throughout the implementation of individual projects, we also provide diverse technical services. This includes integrating our products into your existing system, conducting training sessions for your team, as well as providing assistance with troubleshooting and maintenance.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive after-sales services. Our technical support team is available to answer your questions, resolve technical issues, and provide support in using our products. We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied and their requirements are met.

Overall, our range of services includes both services related to our catalog products and specific motor design services. We tailor our services to the individual needs of our customers to ensure they receive the best possible support.

On this page, you will find a brief overview of the engineering services offered by MACCON. If you require further information about our technical services or have specific requirements, we are at your disposal. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in your projects and ensure that you receive the best possible solution.


Services for our catalogue products

  • Configuration and parameterisation of drive electronics
  • Configuration and parameterisation of motion controllers
  • Setup and load-free commissioning of systems consisting of motors (with encoders), drive electronics and connectorised cables


Motor Design Services

  • Basic motor design (EM, 2D, Analytical)
  • Detailed motor design (Thermal, Mechanical, 3D, FEM)
  • Creation of mechanical drawings
  • Manufacture of prototype motors
  • Functional testing of motors

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