Thin-ring Torque Motors

The MF series ("Megaflux") torque motors are three phase brushless synchronous motors with a very high torque and power density due to the usage of a high energy NdFeB permanent magnet material. The electromagnetical, thermal and mechanical designs have been optimised for a perfect integration in machine structures. The use of direct drive technology helps to improve the system behaviour regarding dynamic response, accuracy and smoothness.  

The great variety of sizes with different torque capabilities and the custom adaptation of the winding to the specific requirements of your application guarantee the optimum performance. Standard supply voltages range from 42 to 650Vdc. The MF motors can be used in applications requiring very high dynamic response due to their high overload capacity and peak torques of more than 6,000Nm. The low cogging torque leads to a low torque ripple and therefore smooth operation at low speed.

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Fields of application for thin-ring Torque Motors

The thin-ring Torque Motors are particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Design tasks with very little axial length of the installation space
  • Design tasks that require a large internal bore.
  • Tasks where a medium (liquid, gas or similar) must pass through the engine (advantage of the large internal bore)
  • Tasks where an electrical cable must pass through the motor
  • Tasks where an optical cable must pass through the motor

Advantages of torque motors with thin ring design

  • different families with outside diameters from 60 to 792mm available
  • different motor lengths available (axial length)
  • high torques at slow to medium speeds
  • high torque density due to high number of poles
  • Thin ring design offers short axial length and a large internal bore

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