The MACinverter is a development platform for developers of customer-specific drive electronics and electric motors. It comprises several building blocks which can be quickly and easily combined to create a customer-specific servodrive, thus shortening time-to-market. Equally, the developer may be trying to develop a new motor and simply wishes to be able to implement his own control algorithms to be implemented on the drive electronics. Our system has also been described by developers as a power electronics prototyping system or a motor control development platform.

MACinverter can solve customer-specific drive problems with special topology or geometry requirements in the area from 100W up to 250kW quickly and efficiently.

The control-box supports the most commonly used feedback sensor systems and communication interfaces used in industrial and automotive environments. There are two slots for feedback sensor interfaces available which can be factory-configured. This enables dual-axis applications where two motors can work independently with the same controller, which is ideal for closely synchronized drive solutions. Also, optional analog and digital I/Os can be factory-configured to integrate the control-box into an pure analog control environment. Furthermore, additional external functions like pre-charge relay, brake relay or various temperature supervision can be realized without additional programmable logic controller (PLC).

The controller can be programmed by transforming proven Matlab/Simulink simulation models with the HDL-coder into executable VHDL-code. This allows the programming of simulated drive algorithms without deeper digital hardware or VHDL knowledge. Contrary to a HIL environment, the generated code is directly downloaded and executed into the target hardware without any powerful emulation computers in the background.

  • Flexible FPGA-based Controller-Concept
  • Simulation Models transformable into executable HDL-Code
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • Up to 8 Half-Bridges addressable
  • Three-Phase-Rectifier Block available
  • Two Position-Sensor Interfaces-Slots allow independent Control of two Motors
  • Two Universal I/O Interfaces-Slots
  • Regulated Fans for reduced Noise


  • flexible FPGA-based Controller-Concept
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • Up to 8 Half-Bridges addressable
  • two Position-Sensor Interface-Slots
  • two Universal I/O Interfaces-Slots
  • LED-Display for Error-Codes
  • Speed-Potentiometer

Modular Power-Stage

  • Plug & Play IGBT Half-Bridge Solution
  • 10-Pole Standard Ribbon Cable Connector for all Signals including Fan-Power
  • Strong Gate-Driver (2x4W)
  • Current Sensor
  • Isolated Module NTC Temperature Sensing
  • Up to 1200V Peak DC-Link Voltage

Gate Driver

  • Fast and Safe Switching of Large Gates: Dual 4W/15A Ready-To-Use Gate-Driver
  • DEAST Protection with Soft Switch-Off
  • Isolated Module NTC Temperature Sensing
  • Temperature Range -40°C to 100°C, (Full Load up to 50°C)
  • Small 10-Pole Ribbon Cable Controller-Interface contains Reserved Signal Lines for Future Connection of External Current Sensor and Fan

Isolated Voltage Sensor

  • Up to 1200V DC Primary Voltage Range
  • Galvanic Isolation up to 1200V DC
  • High Primary Input Resistance: 1,2 MΩ
  • Wide DC Auxiliary Supply Range 3V to 16V
  • Integrated Y-capacitor
  • can be enabled
  • -40°C to 85°C at Free Convection
  • 8mm Creepage Distance