Because in MIL- and Aerospace applications reliability is essential, also the servo motors must comply with the special requirements in these fields.

MACCON works together with a few partners, who are able to manufacture servo motors to the highest quality standards. In most cases the point of start is a standard motors which gets modified or in case of frameless motors integrated in an according mechanical subsystem to meet the requirements of the application.

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Overview of MIL servomotors

We supply the following motor families to MIL specification:

  • EKM: modified version of the industrial AKM servo motor family with 0.2 to 53Nm cont. torque; several feedback options, single tooth winding, 10 poles from size 4 and bigger, very low cogging, compact design
  • MSR (MS ruggedized): Industrial-grade motors, which have been ruggedized for MIL-STD applications
  • HT: small torque motors with 0.01 to 40Nm cont. torque, frameless (hollow shaft) or housed, halls, high torque density, custom windings for 12 to 400Vdc, very flexible regarding winding design and mechanical changes
  • MF: big hollow shaft torque motors with 3.5 to 2,000Nm cont. torque, very short motor length (starting form 10mm), high torque density, frameless with axial mounting
  • QT: brushed DC-torquer, frameless, hollowshaft, 0.02 to 340Nm peak, many models and winding options; according tachometers available - still a very good choice for excellent smoothness!

We also build completely customer-specific (bespoke) actuators and motors. Please contact us to talk to an experienced engineer about your requirements.