For commutation, digital velocity and positioning control of our motors we use linear and angular sensors. We supply feedback systems with 3 physical principles:

  • Electrical sensors
  • Magnetical sensors
  • Optical sensors

Electrical linear and rotary encoders

These sensors use the capacitive principle. They have specific advantages regarding size, weight, rigidity and power consumption and can be geometrically adapted to your application. The electrical sensors provide an absolute position information within one rotation (360°). They are also available as linear sensors.

MACCON is the exclusive distributor for the Netzer electrical encoders for the German speaking countries.

Magnetic linear and rotary encoders

Magnetic sensors are often used because of their robustness, modularity and insensibility regarding high and low temperatures

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Optical linear and rotary encoders

Optical sensors are the most common sensors in position control applications. Therefore we find the biggest variety of types and dimensions in this technology.

These sensors supply the highest accuracy. We use them in our own applications and distribute sensors of the following companies:

  • Heidenhain
  • SICK-Stegmann
  • Renishaw
  • Numerik Jena
  • Avago (former hp)

DC Tachometer

For precise velocity control and disturbance suppression at axis with analog amplifiers the DC-Tachometer is still the best solution. Please ask for our catalogue.