The key features of our SMW7 servodrive are as follows:

  • Amplifier in rugged housing for DC- and BL-servo motors
  • Various voltage ranges: 12 to 60Vdc, 12 to 350Vdc or 24 to 650Vdc
  • Low voltage version with continuous current up to 100Arms
  • +/-10V analog interface for torque or speed control
  • Compact, enclosed housing with Sub-D connectors
  • High-bandwidth, linear current control (16 bit-resolution)
  • High-efficiency PWM (20/40kHz) with parallel modulation
  • Up to 24kW continuous power
  • Sine-wave or block commutation using hall-effect, resolver or encoder feedback
  • Velocity feedback via DC-tach, resolver, encoder or hall-effect devices
  • Standard feedback (-R): hall-effects, digital encoder and resolver, optional (-E): sine-encoder, absolute encoders (EnDat/Hiperface)
  • Industrial (-CT), extended (-ET) temperature versions and MIL-types (-MT) available
  • Parameter monitoring and configuration from a PC via the RS232-interface (USB soon available) -> no potentiometer, no switches.
  • Custom versions available, also to military standards (option -MT) for MIL-STD electronics requirements.
  • Communications via CANbus. We can implement the customer's own CAN profile in the SWM7 servodrive.


Supported motor feedback formats

The SWM7 supports the following motor feedback formats:

  • Digital Hall sensors
  • Resolver
  • Encoder incremental digital (TTL)
  • Encoder incremental analog (1Vpp sin/cos)
  • EnDAT 2.2
  • SSI
  • BiSS
  • DC-Tacho
  • AMR-Encoder (Anisotropic MagnetoResistive)

On request, the SENT-Protokoll (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) can be implemented.

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Typical projects for the SWM7 servodrive

Our SWM7 servodrives are used for projects typically of the following type:

  • Motor test benches: especially for motors in the Automotive industry with 12Vdc and high currents
  • Motor test benches: especially for Automotive motors using the AMR-sensor (magnetoresistive principle)
  • Pre-development projects in the automotive industry e.g. to drive newly developed PMSM motors in 12Vdc or 48Vdc applications
  • Defence projects e.g. for mobile applications in a harsh environment, using 24-48Vdc power supply
  • Projects, whereby the customer needs special functionality e.g. proprietary control algorithms which require a special servodrive firmware
  • A product related to SWM7 is the LWM7. The "L" stands for "linear". The LWM7 is a linear amplifier which is non-switching i.e. it does not use PWM (pulse-width modulation). This type of drive produces no current ripple and is therefore often used for high-precision or ultra-slow speed applications. Another benefit of a non-switching amplifier is superior EMI/EMC characteristics, as there is no power being continuously switched, which would produce electromagnetic interference. Link to LWM7 family here.

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Data table SWM7

Modelnominal voltagenominal currentpeak currentL x W x HTemp.

* at base plate