We have experience in the design of a new frameless brushless DC torque motor series using the outer rotor concept. Certain models have already been designed and are commercially available.

In many direct drive applications the outer rotor principle is better suited than conventional inner rotor designs. In many machine designs the outer rotor principle can avoid the use of sliprings.

We can also deliver outer rotor motors with an inner water cooling jacket to increase the continuous torque capability.

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MACCON bespoke outrunner or outer-rotor electric motors

Brushless DC motors in outer rotor format have a short axial length and are therefore suitable for tight installation spaces. In external rotor motors, the rotor rotates around the stator and can therefore be used as a drive wheel in which a rubber ring is attached to the rotor. This is a typical application of the motor in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's).

Another typical application is a cable winch in which the rotor of the external rotor motor directly drives the cable drum. In other applications, a specific tool must be attached to the outer rotor due to the required mechanical design.