Sensorless control and servodrive

Sensorless motor control is attractive for situations where the use of encoders, angle measurement systems and Hall sensors as feedback from motors is not an option. This could be the case for several reasons:

  • The speed is too high and cannot be handled by the encoder
  • The speed is so high that the Hall sensor feedback is no longer properly synchronized
  • Even if the speeds are lower, the encoder and/or Hall sensors are undesirable, as they represent potential points of failure.
  • Last but not least: if the motor is operating in a harsh environment (e.g. PMSM kit motor working driving a fuel pump, submerged in the fuel), it may not be possible to have encoder or Hall sensor electronics in the motor.

Sensorless control is usually used for speed control of PMSM/BLDC motors. As the motor does not need the encoder and/or Hall sensors, space is saved, cost is saved and complexity as well as potential points of failure are eliminated.

Drive electronics and servodrives for sensorless control

Sensorless control – from standstill to 1 million rpm. Our ultra high-speed servodrives allow sensorless control of permanent magnetic synchronous machines (PMSM) and brushless DC motors (BLDC). This means that no encoder and/or hall sensors are required as feedback devices.

The tuning of the modulation and control systems of our motors and turbo compressors, or of your electric motor, guarantees the highest converter operating efficiency and reduced motor losses. In the same converter we can operate with both pulse-width modulation (PWM), with varying switching frequencies, and pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM). Thanks to PAM technology, the output filter between Motor and Converter can be eliminated.

A specially developed sensorless control method allows for complete speed control without an encoder or Hall sensors. Auto tuning, automatic control parameterization and support from our engineers results in swift installation and commissioning.

Overview of sensorless servodrives

CC-32-100100 W0 - 80'000 U/min24 - 32 VDC0 - 30 V0.02 kg
CC-75-400400 W0 - 500'000 U/min24 - 75 VDC0 - 72 V0.5 kg
CC-75-500500 W0 - 1'000'000 U/min24 - 75 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin1 kg
CC-100-10001'000 W0 - 500'000 U/min24 - 100 VDC0 - 93 V0.28 kg
CC-120-10001'000 W0 - 500'000 U/min40 - 120 VDC0 - 100 V1.4 kg
CC-230-35003'500 W0 - 500'000 U/min110 - 230 VAC0 - 360 V4.5 kg
CC-550-75007'500 W0 - 300'000 U/min100 - 550 VDC0 - 500 V5.4 kg
CC-AMB375 VA -
1'500 VA
0 - 500'000 U/min24 - 75 VDC0 - 0.95 Uin2.25 kg

Additional solutions

We have other solutions in our portfolio which are not shown on the website. We also develop customer-specific solutions. Please contact us, to discuss your technical requirements. You can find our contact details here.