Customised power and control electronics for servodrives

MACCON offers a wide range of drive electronics products to control and drive electric motors. These motor controllers and power stages allow the implementation of many standard or unusual applications. 

However it is very common that the customer requires products from us, which are not otherwise available from the marketplace. Typically we are asked for special characteristics, such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Improved performance
  • Supply conditions
  • Special environmental conformance
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces
  • Integration of several components in a new configuration or product,
    see: Embedded Motion
  • Additional functionality
  • Higher reliability or redundancy

We therefore offer a special service to our customers and system partners:

Customised drive electronics ….. motors also !

Example Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile and energy
  • Defense
  • Machines and processes
  • Science and astronomy