With the new S700 a new era begins for motion control. With the new S700 we present the successor of the very successful ServoStarTM600, the new generation of digital servo controller for direct mains operation at threephase 230 to 480Vac or now also single or threephase 110 to 230Vac .

What is new:

  • output current up to 72Arms cont. (140Arms peak)
  • prepared for SAFETY expansion card with safe reduced speed / safe operational stop
  • EtherNet-based bus communication onboard
  • slot for MMC-Memory Card which provides backup for parameters and firmware
  • soft-PLC and Motion Control onboard
  • autotuning
  • cogging suppression
  • optimized resolver interface

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Most important information on S700

  • operation directly from grounded 230 to 480 VAC, 3-phase, or 110 to 230Vac single or threephase, each 50 to 60 hz lines
  • all EMC filters onboard
  • compact dimensions, smaller switchgear cabinets
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) function onboard
  • 3 slots for extension cards: Profibus DP, Sercos, DeviceNet, SynqNet, EtherCat, I/O extension
  • only two mounting screws
  • 2 button control and 3 digit LED display
  • WindowsTM setup software with oscilloscope function
  • complies with CE, UL, cUL
  • compatible with a wide range of feedback: Resolver up to 36 poles, ComCoder, incremental or sine encoder with halls, sine encoder with EnDat/HIPERFACE/BISS, sine encoder without data, incremental encoder A quad B
  • encoder emulation ROD426 or SSI
  • all shield connections terminate directly to the amplifier
  • completely digital control: current loop (vector control, pulse width modulated, 62.5µs (switchable to 31.25µs)), velocity loop (62.5µs) and position loop (250µs)

Soft-SPS and Motion Control

Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) is a completely integrated system platform which allows you to operate all main functionality of a motion system directly inside the S700: PLC and Motion Control. The Soft-PLC complies with IEC 61131-3 standard and supports all 5 languages (SFC, FBD, KOP (LD), ST and AWL (IL)). The graphical user interface is intuitive. Many libraries with many function blocks according IEC 61131-3 are available. With Kollmorgen KAS a complete machine model can be setup quickly. Complete motion control systems like synchronised multi axis can be programmed and setup quickly.

Data table ServoStar700

rated dataDIMS701S703S706S712S7120PS724S7240PS748S772
supply voltageV~3x 208V-10% ... 480V+10%, 50/60Hz
rated power
for S1 operation
rated DC link
V=290 ... 675
nominal current
rms value, ± 3%)
peak current
(max. 2s, ± 3%)
peak current
(max. 5s, ± 3%)
continuous power
regen circuit
max. (RBint)
continuous power
regen circuit
max. (RBext)
peak power
regen circuit max.
without connectors
with connectors