JUNUS - Digital Servo Amplifier for DC-Motors

The Junus drive is a counterpart of the Accelus drive and dedicated for DC brush motors or voice coil actuators. The Junus is a digital servo drive developed for the use with DC supplies with control loops for velocity (with Back-EMF feedback) and current. For control command an analog +/-10V and digital PWM interface is available. For parameter setting the same software as for the Xenus and the Accelnet drive will be used (CME2 set up software).

  • operation at 20 to 180Vac (depending of the model)
  • current range 5Arms to 10Arms continuous
  • panel mount
  • efficient control by the use of vector control (info vector control )
  • efficient and fast set-up: CME2 software with integrated oscilloscope, auto-tuning and auto-phasing functionality
  • easy integration in central control systems: analog (+/-10V) and/or PWM current/velocity command

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