MACCON has been developing specialised servodrives for more than 30 years. We have a lot of experience in building high-performance specialised servodrives which are manufactured in small quantities and which can be modified in a short time to match the customer’s requirements. In this way, customer-specific servodrive projects can be supported very quickly and efficienty (see SWM7 und LWM7).

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For applications requiring a completely customer-specific servodrive, MACCON’s latest development of a modular drive controller platform is a solution which offers a short time-to-market. Several different functional blocks in hardware and in software can be combined to create a customised servodrive (MACinverter ®). Proven hardware blocks like our FPGA-based control-box, gate-driver, air-cooled modular half-bridge power block or isolated voltage sensor to measure the DC-link voltage are also available separately.

  • SWM7: Servodrive for high currents and, if required, for low voltages
  • LWM7: Servodrive with a linear power stage with excellent EMC properties, used for high-precision positioning in nanometer projects.
  • MACinverter : Modular drive concept for quick development of drives with special topology or mechanical geometry requirements.
  • SRC: Switched Reluctance Controller. A servodrive for Laboratory Environment and Prototype Tests of 2- to 4-Phase Switched Reluctance Motors up to 300V DC-Link Voltage.