As interface from your PC to CANopen networks we can supply both PCI cards (dual channel, parameter setting via CAN possible) and USB to CAN interfaces.


Copley CAN-PCI-Card

  • dual channel, CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B compatible
  • up to 1Mbit/sec
  • ISO 11898 Transceiver
  • PCI Slot Rev. 2.2
  • fast dual-ported RAM
  • 3,3V or 5V operation
  • CE, UL/CSA, FCC certification
  • RoHS compliant
  • incl. software tools for setup, monitoring, diagnostics


CAN I/O processor

As addition to our CAN interfaces we offer also a CAN-I/O-processor for PCB mount: 8 inputs for CAN address selection, 72 digital I/Os, 12 analog inputs, 12 PWM outputs, 2 outputs for status LEDs, RS-232).

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