Our partner company ACS Motion Control has specialized in multi-axis architecture and employs an the EtherCAT fieldbus standard for real-time coordination of multi-axis motion.
The most important product family members are:

  • Stand-alone EtherCAT Motion Controller: central system controller for us to 64 distributed motor controllers and thousands of I/O-signals
  • SoftController Software: alternatively the user PC may be employed to run the ACS Motion-Controller-Software
  • Control Modules: EtherCAT-based Motion-Controller with integrated power stage, which control each motor, while the central controller coordinates all axes.
  • Universal Drive Modules: Motor controller with EtherCAT-interfaces. Motion coordination is implemented from a central Motion-Controller (either standalone or as PC-based SoftController).
  • Interface-nodes: in order that estands-Motorregler (z.B. ohne EtherCAT) in die ACS-Motion-Control-Architektur integriert werden können.
  • Digital I/O Modules: stand-alon I/O controllers, which allow for up to 32 digital inputs as wells as 32 digital outputs to be connected.

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Application examples:

FPD Inspection System: High performance with sub-micron accuracy, Nanometer level jitter and very short move & settle times.

Wafer Handling Robot: 5 axes and many I/Os; distributed architecture; drives are embedded within the moving arms -> drives with small footprint; the network manager is stationary

High end, medical X-Ray System: 11 axes of movement with 3 drive clusters - Patient bed (4 axes); Tube Support (5 axes); Wall stand (2 axes)