The SilverMax™ is a fully integrated Hybrid Servo Motor with feedback, a Controller/Indexer, and a Digital Driver in a compact package. All communications and power are accessed through a single 19 pin M16 connector. The interface includes 7 I/O, all of which support both LVTTL and analog signals, and one of which also supports 0 to 10v analog input. A processor back-up power input and a hardware drive enable are also included. Communication via CANopen and RS-485 serial, which may be operated simultaneously. The driver is rated to 6A continuous per phase. The system is designed for use at +12.5 to +48 VDC.

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Key features and reasons to use integrated servomotors

An integrated servo motor contains the motor and servo drive in one package. Power and feedback connectors on the motor are eliminated, as the servo drive is connected internally to the servo motor. The integrated servo motor has a single connector for: DC power, Fieldbus and I/O.

The resulting advantages are:

  • Quantity of components in the system is reduced
  • Typical cabling between a motor and a servo drive is eliminated
  • The integrated servo motor takes up less space than a separate servo motor with an external servo drive
  • The cost of the system is reduced.
  • Installation time is saved (only one component needs to be installed)

The key features of our integrated servo motor family are as follows:

Point-to-Point Moves

  • Relative or Absolute
  • Velocity or Time Based
  • S-Curve

Advanced Motion Profile Moves

  • Profile Move Commands
  • Register Based
    • Position/Accel/Decel/Vel
    • Modify On-the-Fly

Multi-Axis Linear Interpolation

  • XYZ Coords Contained in Text File
  • CANopen® used for local bus
  • 1000+ Points Stored in NV Memory

Program and Data Storage

  • 32K Non-Volatile Memory:
  • 2000-3000 Program Lines
  • 8095 Word Execute Buffer
  • 4285 User Registers
  • User Data Examples
    • CAM Tables
    • Motion Profiles
    • Lookup Tables

Electronic Slip Clutch/Brake

  • Variable Torque
  • Wind/Unwind Applications


  • Optionally use Open Loop While Holding
  • No Servo Dither While at Rest


  • RS-485 @ up to 230K Baud
  • ASCII,Binary,Modbus®,DMX512
  • Host Control While Servo in Motion
  • CANopen® (Rev 03 SW and higher)

Programming Language

  • Easy, Menu Driven Interface
  • Command Parameter Prompts
  • No Syntax Errors
  • User Namable I/O and Registers

Advance PVIA™ Servo Loop

  • 100:1 Inertial Mismatch
  • Direct Drive Oversized Inertial Loads
    • Flywheels/Belt Drives
    • Typically Without Gearheads

  • More Stable Than PID

Digital 4 Quadrant Vector Drive

  • DSP Driven for Reduced Noise


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