Welcome to the MACCON WIKI ! Users of MACCON motion control solutions will find information and application notes which are relevant when selecting or installing MACCON motors or drive electronics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are often asked questions by potential customers about the various motor technologies which we offer. Which technology suits my application best? Which type makes most economical sense for my project ? To answer these questions, we have compiled an FAQ document (see PDF download, right-hand side) which tries to answer those questions in some detail. Please feel free to send us an inquiry for a particular motor or drive, using our contact form.

Mechanical integration of kit motors (frameless motors)

Customers who are interested in using our BLDC kit motors (frameless motors) often have questions about how to mechanically integrate kit motors into their mechatronic assembly. The PDF document on the right-hand side goes into quite a lot of detail about just that topic. Enjoy reading!