Automobile & Trains

Cars, trucks and other vehicles for the transportation of people and goods increasingly require electric motors and EM-actuators. For many new development MACCON is an important partner to the car industry.

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    Application Examples

    The applications are numerous:

    • Brake-by-wire
    • Steer-by-wire
    • Steer-by-wire, rear-axle
    • Steering robot
    • Turbo-compressors
    • Blowers and venitallators
    • Pumps
    • CAM-shaft actuation
    • Indivudual valve actuation
    • Rear door and Boot lift-actuators
    • Tilt stabilization
    • ur CAE programs are used by automobile manufacturers and suppliers in order to design motors and to generate specifications.


    • Drive machines for bicyles, scooters and motorbikes, 150W to 8kW
    • Drive machines for cars, buses and transport vehicles, 10kW to 130kW
    • Radnabenmotoren, 10 to 30kW
    • Axel-drive units (single or dual-motors) with differential or TV motor
    • Torque-vectoring (TV) motors, 1 to 5kW
    • Blower motros for fuel-cell cooling

    Agriculture and Mining

    • New Agriculture and Mining machines employ single-wheel drives (with central, diesel-electric energy supply)
    • Wheel drives up to 130kW
    • Generators up to 250kW
    • EM-actuators, rotatary and linear


    • Similar applications to the automobile industry
    • Track-and train-clearance measurement at high speed
    • EM-actuators, rotatary and linear