Science and Research

Motors and controls are used in many research applications. Our motion control systems serve the special properties and performance characteristics needed in demanding scientific experiments:

  • Bespoke motor designs and geometries
  • Highly accuracte direct drives (picometer and microrad)
  • Direktdrives, torque motors with large diameter, >1m and torque, >100.000Nm
  • 3D-torque motors (spherical)
  • Extremely fast motors
  • Precise time and phase synchronisation between many axes
  • Vacuum compatibility
  • Radiation resistance
  • etc.

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Interesting applications:

  • Astonomy, in the optical and infra-red spectrum
  • Radio-astronomy
  • Semiconductor physics - chopper systems
  • Medical research - Nystagmography and Human training centrifuges
  • Manipulators for radio-acrive environments
  • Collimators for the LHC at CERN